Master of Arts In Counseling

Our program combines academic studies and practical training to equip you to better help those in need—whatever your calling. You'll study Christ-centered care for biblical counseling and discipleship ministries inside and outside the church. Study while engaged in your local ministry and on a schedule that fits your life.
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Program Design

Year 1

In an online community of peers and professors, you will begin studies across topics including introductions to biblical studies, growth and change in the Christian life, counseling models and process, and more. Courses consist of lectures and readings, regular small-group discussions, and assignments designed to grow you in life and ministry.

Year 2

You will continue learning as you move into advanced topics that apply earlier classes and concepts to more complex issues in theology, ministry, and counseling. Deepen your relationships with your peer community and practice applying the principles of biblical counseling in your local ministry. You will also gain more practical experience in real-world ministry under the guidance of a mentor in your local area.


Dynamics of Biblical Change

Human Personality

Marriage Counseling

Counseling Children & Adolescents

Survey of the Bible

Introduction to Apologetics

Survey of Reformed Theology

Survey of Church History

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Online Student Course Reviews

487 reviews
5 Stars55.2%
4 Stars32.4
3 Stars9.9
2 Stars1
1 Star1
Elizabeth O.
Overall the course was wonderful, and I would highly recommend to anyone who is a student interested in ministry. Loved the diversity of meeting with people from around the world.
Juan D.
The Westminster Online Learning team has been the most excellent online help I have yet received in my education. I would like to have more little assignments throughout the term instead of the larger ones in some classes.
Peter L.
I love it! The small group experience is, for me, one of the highlights of this class. Our instructor was also personable, did research to answer our questions, and was quick to respond to email and other student concerns.
Etorré R.
Loved the video lectures. I do wish it were more like Netflix where it goes to the next lecture immediately.
Byron F.
My instructor was very encouraging throughout the course. It seemed he did everything in his power to help us succeed.

Christ-Centered Counseling Skills

Our program combines academic studies and practical training to equip you to better help those in need—whatever your calling. Our MAC graduates provide Christ-centered care as informal or professional counselors.

We have partnered with the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF), a pioneer in biblical counseling who brings 50 years of leadership and experience in the field. Together we've designed a unique curriculum that integrates theology and counseling studies. Engage diverse and experienced students to discuss, learn, and grow.

Program Schedule

Intro Weeks
  • Meet your faculty and classmates through video introductions.
  • Connect with your small group for the first time online face-to-face.

Program Schedule

Typical Weeks
  • Hear from faculty as they interact with your course’s last small group assignments.
  • Meet with your small group on your own schedule to process the upcoming week’s content and submit your next assignment.

Program Schedule

Final Weeks
  • Submit your final projects, exams or papers.
  • Complete course feedback to help us keep improving your student experience!
Who Will benefit from this degree?

The list of ways students have used their MAC degrees is diverse, from professional to informal, but the common thread is that they are bringing practical, biblical wisdom into the lives of those they live and work with every day:

  • Pastors and campus ministers caring for their congregations
  • Nurses and doctors providing both urgent and long-term care
  • High school/K-12 teachers and principals impacting the lives of students
  • Church members looking to be more involved in small groups and church ministry
  • Social workers supporting members of the community in vulnerable circumstances
  • Counselors in the local church and other ministry settings
  • Family members seeking to love their families through difficult seasons
"As I look at the road ahead of me as a counselor, pastor's wife, and mother, I have confidence that I will have what I need because of my time in the MAC."
"CCEF publications stand out among materials seeking to help the Christian live a life pleasing to God. We find ourselves daily recommending and using their books, journal articles, and pamphlets."
Mark Dever
MARK DEVER Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.
"I love the ministry of CCEF and feel deeply indebted to it. The courses I took during my time in seminary have profoundly shaped my view of self, God, and others.”
BRITTANY AILLS Residential MAC ‘12 and Church Life Coordinator at Downtown Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC
"The vision of the centrality of God, the sufficiency of Scripture, and the necessity of sweet spiritual communion with the crucified and living Christ—these impulses that lie behind the CCEF ministries make it easy to commend them to everyone who loves the church."
John Piper
JOHN PIPER Founder and Leader of and Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary
"CCEF's teaching provides the best training I know of for applying the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ to the tough problems of real life."
Ken Sande
KEN SANDE Author of The Peacemaker, and President of Relational Wisdom 360
Frequent Questions
Will the MAC prepare me to become a licensed professional counselor?
No, the MAC does not provide the training required by state licensing boards or prepare you for licensure exams. It is designed to improve the counsel you are currently offering in your daily relationships and to equip you for the more formal role of counselor in the context of the local church and other ministry and non-profit settings.
How long does it take to earn an MAC degree?
The degree timing is flexible, but most students finish in 3-5 years