Visiting Students

Apply as a Visiting Student to get acquainted with Westminster’s accredited online seminary courses. Visiting Students have an opportunity to experience what it's like to study biblical counseling and Christian theology while staying engaged in your local ministry. Visiting Students have opportunities to study in small groups with global peers, including pastors, missionaries, youth workers, lay leaders, business people, parents, doctors, and more. For those looking to further their studies, a certificate or degree program may be a better fit.
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credits in theology and ministry
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Program Design

Theology Courses
  1. Bible Survey
  2. Principles of Biblical Interpretation
  3. Introduction to Apologetics
  4. Survey of Church History
  5. Survey of Reformed Theology
  6. Theological Foundations
  7. Old Testament Theology for Application
  8. New Testament Theology for Application
  9. Reformation
Counseling Courses
  1. Dynamics of Biblical Change
  2. Marriage Counseling
  3. Human Personality
  4. Counseling in the Local Church
  5. Theology & Secular Psychology
  6. Counseling & Physiology
  7. Counseling Observation A
  8. Counseling Observation B
  9. Counseling Problems & Procedures
  10. Counseling Children & Adolescents
  11. Helping Relationships

Online Student Course Reviews

487 reviews
5 Stars55.2%
4 Stars32.4%
3 Stars9.9%
2 Stars1%
1 Star1%
Elizabeth O.
Overall the course was wonderful, and I would highly recommend to anyone who is a student interested in ministry. Loved the diversity of meeting with people from around the world.
Juan D.
The Westminster Online Learning team has been the most excellent online help I have yet received in my education. I would like to have more little assignments throughout the term instead of the larger ones in some classes.
Peter L.
I love it! The small group experience is, for me, one of the highlights of this class. Our instructor was also personable, did research to answer our questions, and was quick to respond to email and other student concerns.
Etorré R.
Loved the video lectures. I do wish it were more like Netflix where it goes to the next lecture immediately.
Byron F.
My instructor was very encouraging throughout the course. It seemed he did everything in his power to help us succeed.
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Individual Courses for Ministry Training

As a Visiting Student, you’ll be able to take one of Westminster Online courses without being enrolled in one of our degree programs. Courses are taken for-credit, just like in a master's degree program, and you will get the full student experience working in small groups and completing all work and assignments. These completed courses can be credited to any future Westminster Online degree program into which you’re admitted.

Term Schedule

Intro Weeks
  • Meet your faculty and classmates through video introductions.
  • Connect with your small group for the first time online face-to-face.
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Term Schedule

Typical Weeks
  • Hear from faculty as they interact with your course’s last small group assignments.
  • Meet with your small group on your own schedule to process the upcoming week’s content and submit your next assignment.
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Term Schedule

Final Weeks
  • Submit your final projects, exams or papers.
  • Complete course feedback to help us keep improving your student experience!
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Who Will benefit from this program?

Our Visiting Students have diverse goals in pursuing online courses through Westminster, but all are seeking trustworthy training from expert faculty to better equip them for current or future ministry:

  • Pastors taking refresher courses for their own growth and training
  • Church leaders preparing to lead or train in a church or educational setting
  • Church members wanting to delve deeper into the study of Scripture and the church
  • Seminary students taking electives to transfer into another institution
  • Future students trying the online seminary experience before applying to one of our degree programs
“This experience has been absolutely wonderful for me."
"I think Westminster and their emphasis on biblical theology and the emphasis on philosophical apologetics stand out, and most schools don’t go that deep.”
TIMOTHY KELLER, Founder, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, NY
“This institution is an absolutely amazing reality. Thank you, Westminster, for your commitment to the Bible. Thank you for your Reformed theology—your solidity and symbolic presence.”
John Piper
JOHN PIPER, Founder and Leader of, Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary
"Studying biblical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary was a life-shaping experience for me.”
PHILIP GRAHAM RYKEN, President, Wheaton College
Frequent Questions
What is the weekly time commitment for taking a class?
Plan to spend about 10 hours a week on readings and assignments for each class you’re taking
How often are courses offered throughout the year?
Courses are offered at least annually and some will be taught even more frequently